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We build our websites using modern technologies, so your investment will have returns for years to come.  We can also provide consultation and training on how to maintian your website moving forward.


For small tweaks such as changing content, uploading new images or minor layout changes, we’ve got you covered or we can teach you how to do the little things while we handle the bigger tasks which helps your bottom line.


Our sites are hosted using a service provider with market leading performance and security.  We focus on technology and solutions that improve speed and reliability.

SAAS - Software-as-a-Service

We can handle the design, building, maintaining, hosting, and support of a custom built software or simply assist with finding a cloud hosting provider or cloud technology that suits your needs.

AAAS - Automation-as-a-Service

Paying too much for manual testing?  Believe automation could be right for you business?  Our experts will learn your business and explain in detail how to automate as much of your systems as possible.  Our consultants will stay on as long as needed and make sure to deliver as promised.

Making an Impact with your Online Presence at Tech Shack

Our mission at Tech Shack is to develop just the right website for each of our clients. Professional  services shouldn’t have to come with a big price tag. We help you get the most return on your investment.  We talk through both your problem as well as potential solutions and want to keep the costs within your budget as much as possible.  Even if we can’t be your technologists, we want to help you with potential solutions and answer any questions you may have.

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