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AARP – The Nonpartisan Organization For Older Americans and the important life-changing services they provide


If you’re over 50 and you want to stay active and connected to your community, join AARP. This nonpartisan organization provides education, research, advocacy, and community services to its members. Its membership is more than 38 million and the organization’s bulletin and magazine have the largest circulation in the country.

AARP is a nonpartisan organization

Founded in 1958, the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) is a nonprofit membership organization dedicated to improving the lives of older Americans. Its efforts have been successful in many ways. However, recent evidence has exposed the organization’s doublespeak. A recent Huffington Post story revealed AARP’s inconsistency in support of President Obama’s health care plan.

While they bill itself as a nonpartisan organization, its employees have made political contributions in the past. Even their CEO contributed $8,900 to Obama’s campaign before he became CEO. In addition, they support an expansion of the government. In their view, bigger government is good for business.

In addition to its programs and advocacy, AARP also monitors local, state, and federal legislation. Although the organization does not endorse political candidates, it does work with elected officials to educate voters about important issues facing senior citizens. One of its long-term goals is to improve the quality of life for older Americans through research, economic security, and advocacy.

The organization has a long history of working on behalf of older Americans. In fact, the organization’s chief executive, Barry Rand, has donated $8,900 to President Obama’s 2008 election campaign. In 2008, he also served as the chief operating officer of the Library of Congress, where he held the position of chief operating officer for 15 years.

Although they do not endorse candidates or political parties, the organization does lobby for senior citizens and other elderly people on issues related to health care and social welfare. This is consistent with the organization’s commitment to a strong social safety net and freedom from discrimination. However, the organization’s position on subsidized housing is a hard pill for a libertarian.

It provides information, education, research, advocacy, and community services to its members

The nonprofit organization AARP provides information, education, research and advocacy services to its members. Its members are age 50 and older, and the organization supports a variety of community activities for older Americans. In 2000, they provided information, education, advocacy, and community services worth $110 million. Members can also access health insurance, prescription drug coverage and health and wellness programs.  Their member services include a high-deductible health insurance policy that can be used in conjunction with a health savings account.

AARP has a long and distinguished history of providing services and programs for older Americans. The organization was founded in 1947 by Dr. Ethel Percy Andrus, who later became the first female high school principal in California. During her tenure as a high school principal, she became interested in the needs of retired educators.

They are run by a volunteer Board of Directors. The Board sets policy for the organization, governs on behalf of its members, and helps ensure that the organization is fiscally healthy. In addition, AARP has a legislative team that advocates for its members’ rights and interests.

They are one of the biggest lobbying organizations in the country. It has strong lobbying influence in Washington, D.C., and state capitals, and it receives millions of dollars in federal grants to carry out its activities. Some say AARP’s positions are far too liberal. Its mission is to improve the quality of life of senior citizens.

AARP volunteers are integral to the organization’s mission. They devote thousands of hours to community service projects. AARP volunteers participate in more than three thousand sponsored chapters. They have organized hundreds of events across the country. In Arizona, for example, AARP volunteers spent a week repairing homes on a Navajo reservation. In Illinois, AARP volunteers have brought helpful programs to underprivileged neighborhoods. And in Virginia, AARP volunteers helped install computers in nursing homes.

AARP research supports AARP’s advocacy, communications, and education initiatives. It also supports the work of the AARP Foundation.

It offers discounts on insurance

AARP offers a wide range of discounts on insurance and health care products. These discounts can be worth more than the membership fee itself. Their members also qualify for other discounts on consumer goods and services, including prescriptions, restaurants, and travel. The organization even has a partnership with Consumer Cellular, which provides members with discounted cellular plans. In addition, members receive discounts on popular print books.

Members can also take advantage of discounts on home insurance and car insurance. Their group rates can save members hundreds of dollars every year. AARP works with several insurance companies to offer discounts to its members. Membership is free and you can even save money on your car insurance, home security system, and tour packages by joining.

Members also enjoy discounts on dental care and hearing care. Members can also save money on complete pairs of glasses by participating in the AARP vision program. Additionally, AARP offers a free annual hearing test to members. This national hearing test is a confidential, validated screening method to determine if someone has a hearing impairment.

Members can save up to 10% on their car insurance premiums by signing up for the AARP car insurance program. These members can also take advantage of exclusive benefits, such as accident forgiveness. Moreover, if a person purchases both car insurance and home insurance through AARP, the insurance company will offer an increased discount.

Another way to save on your car insurance is to enroll in the AARP driving safety program. This program is offered in 35 states. To qualify, you must take a driving safety course, which may be taken online. You will then receive an additional discount. However, you need to be aware that AARP auto insurance will continue to renew your policy if you have any accidents or traffic convictions.

If you’re thinking about getting a life insurance policy through AARP, you can also save by joining the AARP Guaranteed Life Insurance program. This insurance plan is available to AARP members who are 50 or older or their spouses who are between 45 and 80 years old. The coverage is limited to $25,000, but you can increase the amount if you talk to the insurer directly. You may also be eligible for other benefits, such as extra riders.

It holds driver safety courses for older adults

AARP’s Driver Safety Program offers a variety of programs to educate older drivers and keep them on the road safely. These programs focus on defensive driving skills and ways to accommodate age-related physical changes. The programs are offered both in person and online. The main benefits of the courses are lower car insurance premiums and better driving habits.

The AARP Smart Driving program costs $20 for members and $25 for non-members. Participants should bring their driver’s license number when attending the class and will receive a participant guidebook. The program was developed with input from related organizations, including the National Older Driver Safety Expert Panel. The panel is composed of fifteen transportation and motor vehicle safety organizations.

Driving accidents among older adults are on the rise. Statistics show that accident insurance claims from senior drivers are 70 percent higher than those from the same age group in 1999. This is due to the fact that roads and vehicles are faster and more complicated than they were in the past. Moreover, older drivers’ reflexes and reaction times are slower than those of their younger counterparts. Therefore, it is essential to improve driving skills, including recognizing hazards and knowing what to do in emergency situations.


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