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5 Life-Changing Battery Powered Generators for when darkness strikes!!

battery powered generators

A battery powered generator is a great backup power source. However, there are several considerations before buying one. First, you must ensure that the unit will provide the amount of power you need. Manufacturers usually list the required power for each model, so you can select the right one. Secondly, you must fully charge the battery so that you can use it anytime.

Anker Powerhouse 200

If you’re in the market for a portable generator but don’t want to spend a ton of money, you may want to consider the Anker Powerhouse 200 battery powered generator. This sub-seven-pound gadget comes with a 200Wh battery pack and can charge multiple devices and power small appliances for hours at a time. The Powerhouse 200 has multiple charging options and a 12V car outlet. It can also be charged with a USB-C Power Delivery (PD) charger, an AC outlet, or a solar charger.

The lightweight Anker Powerhouse 200 is ideal for small homeowners, campers, and travelers. It weighs only 6 pounds, making it convenient to transport. And at under $300, it’s the perfect choice for anyone on a budget. If you’re looking for a small portable generator that works well and looks nice, the Anker Powerhouse 200 is an excellent choice.

The Anker PowerHouse 200 comes with a Universal Compatibility feature that makes it compatible with a variety of devices. It can power your laptop for up to five hours, run a small refrigerator for four hours, or charge your portable movie projector for a full day.

The Powerhouse 200 can be recharged via USB-C port, wall outlet, or even portable solar panels. It has an 18-month warranty. The Anker Powerhouse 200 is one of the most affordable battery powered generators available. There are several types of Anker Powerhouse 200 models available.

Aside from a rechargeable battery, the Anker PowerHouse 200 also comes with a built-in flashlight. It has two brightness settings, as well as a blinking mode. And a USB-C port provides fast charging. There are also charging options for other devices. And it can even be recharged through solar power, although you’ll need to buy an additional solar panel for this generator.

While the Anker PowerHouse 200 is the most versatile portable generator available, it has a few shortcomings. Its USB-C PD output is less powerful than its competitors, but it does have many other advantages. One of these is that it can charge your iPhone more than five times, or a MacBook Pro for over twelve hours. And it can run small appliances for more than four hours.

Dory B7000

The Dory B7000 battery powered generator is a portable battery generator with an all-metal enclosure and uses lithium iron phosphate batteries for power. It is certified to the highest safety standards and is UL and IEC certified. It features an advanced battery management system and three layers of safety protection.

This portable generator is suitable for emergency situations and can provide power for a variety of electrical appliances. The continuous power capacity of the B7000 is 3kW and the peak power of 6kW. It can power common electrical appliances like a refrigerator and a computer, and even a sump pump. If you want a more extended battery backup, you can connect two B7000s in series. In this way, you can use the energy of two Dory B7000 battery powered generators to run your refrigerator for up to 120 hours.

The Dory B-7000 battery powered generator is available at a low price of $0.7 per watt-hour, making it one of the most affordable portable battery systems available. This equates to an operating cost of $0.8 per hour, which is less than half of the price of conventional gas/diesel generators. Furthermore, you don’t need to pay for fuel, and you won’t need to worry about maintenance.

Unlike traditional gas and diesel generators, the Dory B7000 battery powered generator is fully automated. It will automatically turn on when you lose power. Once power is restored, the generator will automatically switch back to utility power and recharge itself. In addition, it is built with quality and efficiency in mind, so it will last for 10 years or more.

The Dory B7000 battery powered generator features a compact design that makes it easy to carry around. It is supported on four swivel caster wheels and can be used indoors and outdoors. It is also compatible with most medical and electrical devices. The manufacturer offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. After this time, the company will charge a restocking fee.

Duracell PowerSource

The Duracell PowerSource battery powered generator provides clean, quiet, 660-Watt power. Its battery pack has a large capacity and is ideal for emergencies or outdoor activities. It can also be used indoors, reducing the need for gas or noisy generators. It also provides power to essential devices and accessories, such as USB ports and 12V DC ports for vehicle accessories.

The PowerSource 660 has an 8-hour battery life and can power an average refrigerator for six to eight hours during an average power outage. A standard refrigerator uses 80 watt-hours of power per hour. Despite its compact size, this battery powered generator can still provide plenty of power for essential appliances, including your phone and fridge.

The Duracell PowerSource 660 has a capacity of 660Wh and a weight of 56 pounds. It has a pure sine-wave inverter, which can safely run most electronic devices. It can also power some small appliances, such as laptops. Although the Duracell PowerSource 660 has a battery life of three months, other portable power stations may hold a charge for five years.


Milwaukee’s MX FUEL Carry-On Power Supply Kit is a powerful, quiet, and efficient generator. It provides up to 3600 watts of continuous power and is capable of powering 15A tools. Its quiet operation, metal cage, and push-button start make it a convenient, portable source of power. It also eliminates the need for gasoline.

The new MX Fuel System was developed to address the specific needs of professional tradesmen, eliminating emissions, vibration, voltage drops, and trip hazards. It’s also designed to evolve as the standard for best-in-class light equipment solutions. The new MX Fuel System is backward compatible with the current MX Fuel equipment system and will continue to be compatible in the future.

The Milwaukee MX FUEL Carry-On runs off a single battery, or two batteries for greater power. The generators are also equipped with a charging cable and a standard extension cord. The Milwaukee MX FUEL Carry On 3600W/1800W Power Supply can sequentially charge one or two MX FUEL batteries in about 45 minutes. These batteries can be charged through a 120V outlet.

The Milwaukee MX FUEL Carry-on power supply has two 15A 120V outlets and battery level indicators for each MX FUEL pack. It also supports M18/M12 hybrid chargers. With its 864 Wh of power, it can power fans and small tools for hours. This is a great tool for sharing power through a spider box or tuning hundreds of feet of extension cords.

EcoFlow Delta Pro

The EcoFlow suite of products starts with a small but versitile handheld battery and goes all the way up to the Delta Pro battery powered generator. This 3600 watt and 3.6kWh output battery is incredible. To start with, it has wheels and a handle for portability. Next, it has a digital panel that shows remaining battery life. Another great feature is that this battery can be charged 6 different ways!  Their newest product, EcoFlow DELTA2 has improved on their original DELTA model.

The EcoFlow Delta Pro can be plugged into a wall and can be fully charged in under two hours! You can charge it with standard AC input, a 400W solar panel, DC input from a vehicle, using an EV charging station, using the EcoFlow Smart Generator, and the EcoFlow Smart Home Panel. When connected through the Smart Home Panel, this battery can be linked with others for up to 25kWh.

The Delta Pro from EcoFlow will also give you 6500 cycles which will last years. These products are built to last. There is a two-way inverter built in which enables fast charging and solid power output allowing you to power pretty much anything. The interior of the Delta Pro puts an emphasis on power while also considering cooling with 4 fans that bring extra cooling in warmer temperatures.

The technology that comes along with this amazing battery is what sells it. From the LCD display on the battery itself, to the wifi connections allowing you to control it through an app from anywhere. You can even purchase an extra battery and connect it simultaneously with the unit allowing it to discharge and recharge while only having to operate the one unit. The Delta Pro also allows the connection of the Smart Generator and it can be configured to switch on once the battery reaches a specific remaining battery life.


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