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PandaDoc Review – A Great Comparison Between DocuSign and PandaDoc


PandaDoc is a cloud-based eSignature and document management platform, which allows you to create, store, and share documents online. Its content library contains millions of templates and images for all types of documents, and it can be accessed from your mobile device. You can also use its eSigning feature to digitally sign documents with your colleagues and clients. The platform is available in both Web and iOS versions.

DocuSign vs PandaDoc

DocuSign and PandaDoc are two of the top rated electronic signature tools. While both offer the same document signing capabilities, the features of each vary significantly. They also offer different pricing options.

In general, DocuSign is more robust than PandaDoc, and it offers a wider array of document and mobile editing features. It’s also easier to use. However, if you’re looking for an e-signature solution that works well for your sales team, PandaDoc may be the better choice.

PandaDoc is a document management tool that helps businesses create and send customizable documents. It also provides users with helpful notifications and insights into collaboration. The company has received investment from Microsoft and HubSpot, and has a user community of 8,000.

PandaDoc has a wide variety of features, including a content library, templates, and e-signing. You can also customize the app to your organization’s needs and brand it with your company’s logo. It offers several integrations, and it’s suitable for both small and large businesses.

PandaDoc provides customers with support over email and phone. It also offers live trainings and a resource center. Users have praised the attractive design of its templates.

PandaDoc also has an embedded payment gateway. This makes it easy to collect payments. There aren’t many features in its content library, though, which limits its usefulness to larger organizations.

DocuSign has a more extensive feature set than PandaDoc, including a large collection of native connectors and certifications. Though it can be more expensive, it could be a great solution for companies with a larger budget.


PandaDoc is an electronic signature solution that simplifies and streamlines the signing process. It can be used by businesses, schools, healthcare facilities and more.

It’s easy to use and offers a free tier. Signers can sign forms from a mobile or desktop. Users can also create their own templates. They can create as many documents as they want.

The technology is legally binding, safe and UETA-compliant. The platform also allows users to verify signatures in real-time.

In addition, it’s possible to integrate the platform into third-party tools. It has native integrations with payment collection processors, accounting software and more.

Another feature is the ability to embed an electronic signature into a website. This can be useful for businesses that have a website or e-commerce store.

The technology is compatible with Microsoft Word and Excel. Documents created through the system are encrypted and securely stored within the platform.

PandaDoc’s eSignature software is ESIGN compliant and provides a certificate that verifies the signature. If there’s a dispute, the certificate can help the company identify the proper person to deal with.

It has a built-in editor and a large library of CRM integrations. This enables users to easily drag-and-drop eSignature blocks and rich media. And with its native integrations, PandaDoc is able to work with any document.

It also has a large template library that can be used for eSignatures. These templates are free for anyone to use, but there are also additional pricing options available for growing businesses.

Document builder

PandaDoc’s document builder offers a powerful way to create documents for your organization. You can choose from pre-made templates or create your own. In addition to creating custom templates, PandaDoc’s document builder allows you to modify the content of existing documents. It allows you to add images, tables, text, and other elements.

With PandaDoc’s document builder, you can create custom documents in minutes. The drag and drop interface makes it easy to build a customized template, add new columns, and customize layouts.

PandaDoc also features a secure mobile view, so you can access your documents on the go. Additionally, you can integrate PandaDoc with popular cloud storage solutions. And the document builder’s REST API is compatible with any application. This enables you to scale your document generation efforts.

PandaDoc’s document analytics provide real-time notifications about your documents. This helps your team keep track of which documents have been opened, who has viewed them, and when they should be followed up.

PandaDoc’s free eSign plan lets you upload as many documents as you need for electronic signatures. If you don’t need to sign a lot of documents, you can purchase a lower-cost premium support plan.

PandaDoc’s CPQ functionality is especially powerful. It helps you simplify the quoting process. You can quickly generate quotes with responsive pricing tables and electronic signatures.

Another great feature of the PandaDoc document builder is its ability to integrate with the most popular CRMs. PandaDoc automatically populates forms with data from your CRM. This eliminates the need to track different tools and stakeholders.

Content library

PandaDoc’s Content library allows you to save frequently used content. It can be built from scratch, or imported from an external application. To get started, select the content library icon in the sidebar. This will display a list of items already available. You can choose to add new content blocks, duplicate an existing item, or move one of your documents to the root folder.

A content library is not only beneficial because it can be used for re-use, but also because it can save you a lot of time. By creating a comprehensive guide of what types of content you want, you can avoid having to create new, unrelated content every time a need arises.

Adding a content library to your organization’s CRM can help you to save a lot of time, and keep you on top of things. You can even create templates that you can reuse.

There are two types of content you can add to your document: custom columns and a contact record. The former will let you customize the information displayed in your quote, while the latter will let you add your own contacts to a document.

Creating a content library is easier than you think. Once you’ve made your selections, simply drag and drop the desired items into your workspace. If you want to reuse a particular content block, you can easily do this by clicking on the ‘edit’ button.

Mobile access

PandaDoc is a web app and mobile application that helps you manage and create documents. It offers a variety of features that enable you to sign, share and track your documents. You can also create documents from templates.

PandaDoc is a great tool for small businesses and marketing firms. It provides a secure and reliable solution for digital document management. The app has a streamlined process that makes it easy to send and sign documents, and is designed to help you eliminate time-consuming tasks.

PandaDoc encrypts your data with AES-256. Moreover, it complies with GDPR and HIPAA. They also provide 24-7 email support. In addition to this, PandaDoc integrates with many leading CRMs and payment systems.

PandaDoc has a free mobile app, which allows you to manage documents from anywhere. It also gives you access to the PandaDoc dashboard, which helps you plan and analyze sales pipelines.

The PandaDoc mobile app includes a timeline that displays the progress of your documents. For example, you can see how much time a recipient spent reading your document. This allows you to quickly get an idea of how your customers are responding to your document. If your customers have questions, they can contact you directly from the app.

PandaDoc allows you to easily edit and add content blocks to your documents. These content blocks are the structural foundation of your templates. As you add new content blocks, you can drag them into your document and position them accordingly.

Customer support

PandaDoc is a document automation software that helps you create, manage and track documents of all types. It offers tools to help you create documents that are professional in look, feel and content. One of its most useful features is that it allows you to collect legally binding electronic signatures. You can use PandaDoc to generate documents and send them to your customers for signature, or you can collaborate on documents with others in real time.

As you might expect from a software company with over 200 employees, the company has an impressive customer support department. They have a top-notch support team spanning three offices and multiple time zones. First-rate customer service is complemented by a robust knowledge base and a helpful forum. Those with questions about the product can get answers through PandaDoc’s help centre, which is accessible by email, chat or phone.

The company also boasts a comprehensive list of customer-only webinars, which is a great resource for learning more about PandaDoc and how it can make your life easier. The company is also known for releasing timely product updates, such as a new mobile app, so that users can enjoy the latest features and functionality.

While the company is renowned for its customer support, it does offer a free version of its product that might be of interest to those who haven’t invested in PandaDoc yet. This free version of the app provides a limited set of features that you can only use within the app. However, if you’re looking for a more extensive range of functionalities, you can upgrade to the premium version.

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