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Spectacular Mercedes-Benz Stadium World Cup Venue

mercedes-benz stadium

Mercedes-Benz Stadium is now a world cup venue

Mercedes-Benz Stadium serves as the home for both the Atlanta Falcons of the NFL and Atlanta United FC of Major League Soccer. In addition, this recently opened venue also hosts concerts and other special events. Mercedes-Benz Stadium stands out from traditional stadiums as an adaptable venue that can quickly adapt to accommodate various events, earning many accolades in its unique design. Its retractable roof – inspired by camera lenses – can be opened within 10 minutes for event activities.

It’s capacity

The Mercedes-Benz Stadium, opened in 2017, is an exceptional sports and entertainment facility that captivates audiences worldwide. Hosting NFL football games and Atlanta United soccer games as well as major sporting events and civic occasions, its retractable roof has drawn worldwide acclaim; designed by HOK Architects with an official capacity of 71,000, this landmark building was the first multipurpose stadium constructed from scratch with state-of-the-art amenities to offer. The stadium provides fans with an assortment of club seats and suites. Furthermore, two Sky bridges connect two 100-yard-long football field-length themed gathering and socializing areas and offers various food offerings. One of the world’s most technologically advanced venues, its center-hung halo video board boasts three times larger viewing area than any comparable NFL venue. At a time when giant-screen televisions and second-screen mobile devices vie for fan attention, providing a unique experience can encourage them to leave their couches and attend live sporting events in person. Mercedes-Benz Stadium stands out as an unparalleled facility that blends cutting-edge technology, outstanding Atlanta United team play, fan-friendly food and beverage programs, and fan engagement programs into one unforgettable event for its audiences. Location: Downtown Atlanta The stadium serves both NFL’s Atlanta Falcons and MLS’s Atlanta United, and features transparent floors and walls so spectators can see every moment on the field from any seat in the stadium. As one of the first professional sports venues to achieve LEED Platinum certification, its unique roof resembles bird wings when opened; inspired by the Roman Pantheon it features a 58 ft by 1,100ft halo video board for spectators to enjoy live games! The stadium also serves as the home for two National Basketball Association (NBA) teams, the Atlanta Hawks and Braves, of the National Basketball Association. Its retractable roof was designed by architects of New York’s MetLife Stadium – making this stadium one of the first worldwide to combine an artificial surface with retractable roofing capabilities; additionally it hosts college basketball’s Final Four tournament and has a capacity of 87,000 seats.

It’s location

Mercedes-Benz Stadium, home of both the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons and Major League Soccer (MLS) Atlanta United FC, is one of the world’s most technologically advanced stadiums. Its signature roof, which opens and closes in ten minutes or less, lets natural light into its concourses to provide an unmatched experience for fans. Designed by HOK, the multipurpose stadium also hosts notable events like Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl college football playoff game 2022 as well as Super Bowl LIII in 2019. At this stadium, its state-of-the-art technology includes a 58-foot HD video board that towers over the field, giving fans a panoramic view of all of the action and providing players’ stats and referee decisions in real time. Furthermore, an innovative holographic projection system known as Starfield creates an interactive 3D image that moves around the stadium giving audiences an unforgettable viewing experience. The roof of this iconic stadium features a mesmerizing structure that recalls a pinwheel, Roman Pantheon and falcon’s wings – an eight triangle piece structure connected by an eight camera lens-shaped oculi to open and close in less than 10 minutes – the fastest retractable roof ever. Made entirely of glass exterior walls, sunlight pours through into concourses thanks to this one-of-a-kind retractable roof system. At its conception, the stadium was designed with fans in mind. Arthur Blank and the AMBSE team recognized that digital engagement would become increasingly prevalent within sports; therefore they sought to build a venue which kept fans connected throughout their experience at the stadium. IBM helped provide an innovative digital fan experience tailored specifically for each visitor with optimized support for mobile devices. At 1 AMB Drive Northwest in Atlanta, Georgia 30308 lies Atlanta Stadium which can hold 71,000 spectators for football games. Furthermore, an outdoor fan plaza known as Home Depot Backyard allows fans to mingle before and after matches; its hours of operation depend on event days; please visit its website for further details.

It’s amenities

The Stadium at Atlanta United and Falcons Football matches is an innovative sports and entertainment facility, designed with fans in mind and boasts numerous amenities such as an impressive 1,000-foot video board, over 1,800 Wi-Fi access points and some of the world’s most comfortable stadium seats. Additionally, it served as a vaccination centre during COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. The Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia serves as home for both Atlanta Falcons football team and Atlanta United soccer club and is managed by AMB Sports and Entertainment (AMBSE). Built to replace Georgia Dome as an unparalleled multipurpose entertainment facility. Design of the stadium was inspired by both traditional and modern elements, featuring a retractable roof modeled on that of Roman Pantheon with petals that slide to form either a dome or circular skylight, plus an enormous video screen three times bigger than any comparable video board in NFL. Other features include a retractable canopy, elevated walkway with panoramic city views, social gathering spaces and restaurants and bars with open views of the field as well as a 100,000-square-foot tailgating area. There are also high-end club and suite seating options as well as toes-on-the-turf experiences at this stadium. This new, groundbreaking stadium was also designed with environmental considerations and energy efficiency in mind. It consumes 47% less water than standard venues while producing over 6 million kWh of renewable energy annually – all the while boasting an 880,000 gallon cistern that collects rainwater to use for irrigation, urban gardening and general purposes. This stadium offers tours that give visitors an inside look at its premium spaces, technology, and world-class art pieces. Visitors can also watch games or attend events there and there is ample parking and public transit access available; its central location makes it a convenient destination.

It’s history

Mercedes-Benz Stadium, one of the more recently completed NFL and Major League Soccer (MLS) stadiums, opened in August 2017 as home for Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United as well as major sporting events and concerts. It boasts an innovative retractable roof which opens and closes in under 10 minutes allowing sunlight to flood through concourses giving fans a feel of still being outdoors. The stadium also boasts state-of-the-art technology, with a massive 58-foot HD video board providing 360deg coverage of each game as well as real-time player stats and referee decisions in real time. Furthermore, LED ribbon boards will display highlights and player information – this first implementation of such technology should have an incredible effect on fan experiences! HOK collaborated with TVS Design and BuroHappold engineer on this stadium roof design that features eight sections of ETFE petals that extend outward from a central hub, much like flower petals. It opens and closes faster than comparable stadiums thanks to Birdair – a specialty contractor known for completing high-profile projects such as Los Angeles Dodgers stadium. Mercedes-Benz Stadium was constructed as a replacement for Georgia Dome and first hosted an NFL preseason game between Atlanta Falcons and Arizona Cardinals on August 17, 2017 when it opened. Since then, it has hosted numerous marquee football and soccer matches, along with concerts. Mercedes-Benz Stadium will host this year’s Campeones Cup between Major League Soccer (MLS) champions and Liga MX champions on April 18th 2019. How do we encourage sports fans to leave their couches and come watch games live in person? That was Arthur Blank and AMB Sports and Entertainment’s challenge. Their solution: create a stadium like no other ever built, ready to engage fans at every touchpoint 365 days per year. If you like what you read, check out our other World Cup Venue articles here.

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