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Spectacular SoFi Stadium World Cup Venue

SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California, is a Spectacular Sight

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SoFi Stadium serves as host to NFL teams including Los Angeles Rams and Chargers as well as soccer matches and Major League Soccer Championships, and boasts the world’s largest sports video board.

Kroenke challenged his design team to “create a revolutionary stadium destination and experience”. To do that, they had to think big.


SoFi Stadium stands as a glittering jewel amidst Inglewood. Boasting an impressive capacity of 70,240, its expansion can accommodate up to 100,000 for special events. Furthermore, SoFi hosts YouTube Theatre with seating for 6,000 as well as American Airlines Plaza located 2.5 acres away – truly making SoFi a spectacle under its massive canopy roof.

Kroenke Sports & Entertainment owns and manages Los Angeles Rams owner Stan Kroenke’s main stadium in Inglewood; designed by HKS architects it serves as a “global stage” and “sitting room for Inglewood.”

SoFi Stadium was chosen as one of the 2026 World Cup venues, but there are concerns it may not be suitable to host its final match. According to The Times of London, its field may not meet FIFA’s minimum requirement of 80,000 seats; widening the field would involve taking away seats, potentially decreasing capacity below this figure; other venues, including AT&T Stadium in Dallas and MetLife Stadium in New York have enough capacity for their finals matches.

SoFi Stadium serves both the Rams and Chargers during football season, but is best-known for catering more towards away fans than home. This is because many Rams and Chargers fans live outside of Los Angeles; thus enabling many away supporters to see their teams play in America’s most stunning stadium.

SoFi Stadium hosts various other events, such as music festivals and concerts. Their two 20,000-square-foot luxury suites can also be booked for private parties and corporate functions, and there’s an array of restaurants and bars offering various culinary styles nearby.


HKS set out to design SoFi Stadium so it would reflect California’s indoor-outdoor lifestyle, featuring an almost transparent permanent dome and landscape that merges into the building. Furthermore, SoFi boasts one of the world’s largest center-hung videoboards that allow fans to see both sides of its screen simultaneously.

The stadium is situated within 25 acres of open spaces designed to promote experience, ecosystems, and water. This landscape was designed to benefit both community members and enhance environmental resilience; featuring various microclimate zones as well as shrubs, groundcovers, and wetlands for planting purposes.

SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California, serves as home for NFL teams Los Angeles Rams and Chargers, seating over 100,000 fans at any one time and marking its return as a marquee venue since 1993. Beyond football events hosted there, such as Justin Bieber concerts or Rolling Stones/BTS performances; college football championships; as well as WWE Wrestlemania 39 have also taken place here.

SoFi Stadium has earned LEED Platinum certification under the latest version of its rating system, reflecting their leadership in sustainable design, construction, and operations. SoFi Stadium incorporates innovative strategies for energy saving such as an advanced thermal control system as well as recycled materials and water efficient plumbing fixtures into their design to achieve LEED Platinum status.

SoFi Stadium stands as an impressive feat of structural engineering, too. Its massive roof canopy is supported by cables with compression rings and seismic isolation; while its stadium bowl anchorage relies on buckling-restrained braces. Due to SoFi Stadium’s unique seismic requirements, engineers needed to devise a progressive engineering response that allowed it to sway during earthquake movement.

SoFi Stadium was designed to reflect the bold vision of its owner, Stan Kroenke. According to Mark Williams, Principal at HKS and Sports Practice Director, certain elements were non-negotiable when planning this project: a minimum capacity of 70,000, sufficient plaza spaces that boost Super Bowl capacity toward 100,000 seats, and exterior designs that provide smooth flow through security while creating space for fan experiences.


If you’re planning to attend an event at SoFi Stadium, parking can be costly. Parking at high-profile events like NFL games or major concerts may cost significantly. To save money and park more efficiently, consider parking in off-site garages that offer affordable rates with shuttle services directly to SoFi Stadium.

SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, California, is home to both the Rams and Chargers and can accommodate up to 100,000 fans. Since opening in 2020, this stadium boasts cutting-edge technology designed to elevate fan experience – such as its six-acre lake, massive video board that looms over the field like a giant halo, and flashes messages and videos to aircraft flying overhead.

Arriving early for your event is key to avoiding traffic and parking hassles, with parking lots generally opening four hours prior to kickoff for NFL games and earlier for concerts or other events. If unsure when your event starts, consult its website or call to confirm.

On-site SoFi Stadium parking is available for most events and prices vary based on the nature of your event. With four separate on-site parking zones each offering its own entrance/exit points, passes may be purchased either online or in person prior to attending your event; free parking passes may also be issued if accompanying an adult with valid tickets for children aged 12 or younger.

At some events, parking may be limited to specific areas of a stadium and sold on a first-come-first-serve basis. Lot P in the Pink Zone is reserved exclusively for larger vehicles and requires pre-purchased passes to enter this zone. Accessible and ADA parking spots are readily available throughout all on-site parking zones with complimentary shuttle service for any event hosted there.

At certain events, a bus zone will be established near SoFi Stadium to accommodate passengers. Accessible from Hollywood Park Intermodal Transit Facility and West Century Boulevard, multiple buses will provide service throughout the day to SoFi Stadium.


Sports events present numerous risks that could threaten to derail them, from domestic and international terrorism to natural disasters. Security measures at stadiums aim to mitigate such risks; such as implementing clear bag policies and creating safe environments for fans – so the experience for guests remains safe and seamless throughout.

SoFi Stadium in Hollywood Park, California serves as home for both the Los Angeles Rams and Chargers, opening its doors in 2020. Already hosting events such as WrestleMania 39 in April as well as opening and closing ceremonies of the 2028 Olympic Games, SoFi Stadium has proven itself an essential fixture of Los Angeles sports culture.

Stan Kroenke of Los Angeles Rams fame commissioned this $5.5 billion stadium as an innovative sports and entertainment destination fit for Los Angeles city itself. Designed by HKS Architects, SoFi Stadium serves as the centerpiece of Hollywood Park live-work-play development and an iconic symbol for Los Angeles civic gesture.

One of the cornerstones of venue security is being able to respond swiftly and appropriately when potential threats emerge, which requires close collaboration across departments, as well as adaptability when necessary; SoFi Stadium recently underwent this transformation by adopting new technology and adopting an updated policing plan.

Security experts warn of terrorist attacks still being present at SoFi Stadium despite these measures, although increased security has significantly reduced risk. Furthermore, SoFi Stadium was designed to withstand earthquakes that are commonplace in California.

The SoFi Stadium Security Team is responsible for the daily safety and security of the venue and surrounding areas. They must respond quickly to all security needs, working closely with local law enforcement when needed and being available nontraditional hours and weekends if required. Furthermore, this team works in close conjunction with Operations staff to ensure customer service standards are upheld while any security concerns are appropriately addressed.

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